How to Guide

How to Do “Ask a Queer”

  • Get started early! You should be emailing people by at least winter quarter.
  • Email everyone. I emailed 11 counselors from DPHS and got a response from 1 which ultimately got me in contact with their GSA adviser but DON’T BE SHY! Email whenever you need to and realize that some people are busy, some people are homophobic, some people forget, and some people don’t care so it’s up to us to get in contact and get stuff done.
  • Leave yourself lots of time to pick dates with potential participating UCSB queers and local GSA’s so you don’t have to find people or go to GSA’s on short notice.
  • Make sure you have worked out getting visitor passes in a timely fashion.
  • Plan things you want to talk about to break the ice and get students asking questions.
  • Plan to get there early so even if you’re late you are just on time.
  • Introduce yourselves and have them do the same, this can really help break the ice.
  • Share some personal experience if it’s relevant and appropriate and you feel comfortable sharing.
  • BE HONEST sometimes the truth is grim but misleading won’t help.
  • Promote your events and if you want leave an email so they can contact you with questions.
  • Stay calm and admit if you don’t know something, you’re still learning and growing all the time too!
  • Look into a summer program with high school students if possible.

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