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Queer Student Union at UCSB

Descriptions provided by Evan Graves



May 22, 2012

Event Name:

Weekly QSU Meeting: Double Your Officers, Double Your Fun! + Superlatives

Event Description:

Are your queer levels dropping to dangerous levels? Pride withdrawal hitting hard? Fret not, because we have an IV dose full of rainbows and smiles (whether you go here or not)!

Anyway, you know how we just had that totally legitimate election that would have made even Kim Jong-il and Muammar Gaddafi proud? Well good news everyone! This week you get to meet your new overlords! I mean, officers. Yeah. I hear they’re really awesome—especially that Media Officer. He sure is something else. Yessir.

Not only that, but we’ll be deciding on superlative categories for the year-end banquet. If you’ve ever felt someone at QSU deserved a title of “Best ___” or “Cutest ___” or “Most ___”, now is your chance to let the world know! Be there, or risk being voted “Most likely to miss the best QSU meeting of all time.” Also weekly announcements.

In case you were wondering, your new co-chairs Melba and Morgan will be hosting this week. I know! I can’t wait to meet them for the first time either!

May 29, 2012

Event Name: QSU Banquet 2012

Event Description Well folks, it’s been a great year, but sadly we’re coming upon the end. Don’t break out the tissues just yet though; there’s still some fun to be had!

Instead of our usual meeting, we’ll be gathering in the MCC to celebrate the year’s accomplishments, eat some delicious food, and hang out with new and old friends. We’ll also be taking a stroll down memory lane with a slide show and announcing superlative winners. Even Most Dazed and Confused is gonna have to be there to pick up his/her award, so don’t miss out!

Other than BBQueer next Saturday and Lavender Graduation, this is the LAST QSU event until fall (and even then, only for those that aren’t accidentally graduating [or scumbags]). So I hope to see you all there!

P.S. If you have any photos you want to see in the slide show, let Alvaro or me know!

P.P.S. Superlative nomination links:



(It’s broken into 2 parts.)

June 2, 2012

Event Name: BBQueer

Event Description:
Now that your newly elected officers are adjusted and getting things done, naturally, the time has come for us to go on break. Huh. Sounds like Congress.

But before that, everyone knows what goes along well with a regime change: a BBQ! Or BBQueer, as the case may be. And no, I don’t mean an auto-da-fé (look forward to that this fall!). We’ll be chillin’, grillin’, and it’s guaranteed to be thrillin’ (and probably revealin’).

We’ll have more delicious food (burgers, some Super Cuca’s, chips, and anything else people might want to contribute) and lot’s of vague, exciting, beachy activities for you (pinata, volleyball, and sandcastles perhaps?). Don’t hesitate to bring any games or anything you think would be fun though!

This is the last official QSU event of the school year. (Lord knows I could use a break after all the work that went into making these 3 facebook events. Phew!), so come on out to Goleta beach for a gay old time! (Come on; I had to say it at least once.)

Update!: If anyone has a car and would be willing to help people carpool, that would be fantastic. Let us know below. And on the flip side, if anyone needs a ride, this is the place to ask for it.

June 4, 2012 to June 7, 2012 7pm-12am every night

Event name: QSU Spring Study Hours

Event description: No more QSU meetings until fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend an hour (or 20!) with all your favorite queers this week! As usual, we’ll be holding study hours in the RCSGD (3rd floor of the SRB). We’ll have blue books and scantrons for everyone that shows up, just as a little incentive. Also, we’ve been tracking, and will continue tracking, hours of studying. The person who accumulates the most is going to win something special!

We’ll be there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7pm to midnight.

Hope to see you all there!

September 26, 2012

Event name: Queerapalooza!

Event description: Maybe it’s seemed like this summer flew by, or maybe it seemed like it dragged on for far too long (especially for all you eager incoming freshman!), but fall is just around the corner now. Naturally, we officers of UCSB’s Queer Student Union—and other queer campus orgs—want to kick things off right!

If you were hoping for a parade of phallic symbols, drag performers, and scantily clad dancers… er, well, sorry. The budget for that fell through. However, we are putting together an excellent event of queer shenanigans! What to call it though… Ah! Queerapapooza! That ought to do!

We’ll have more free food, games, and get-to-know-you activities than you could possibly fit on any float (no matter how much its designer is compensating). This will also be a great chance to meet this year’s officers, and, if you’re new to UCSB/the community, see the many queer organizations UCSB has to offer and meet some amazing people!

This’ll all be going down in the Multipurpose room at the front of the Student Resource Building from 7:30-9:30pm, Wednesday September 26.

Oh, and like any good party, this will be followed by an after party off campus. Details will be announced at Queerapalooza.

Hope to see you all there!

October 2, 2012

Event Name: Queer Student Union’s First Meeting

Event Description: It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… QSU’s first meeting! Facilitated by your lovely co-chairs Melba and Morgan, this meeting will give you a taste of what this quarter has to offer.

If you missed Queerapalooza you’ll get another chance to hear a (briefer) description of the other queer orgs on campus. After that, we’ll give you a break down of everything going on in QSU and beyond in the next couple weeks (AIDS Walk, Coming Out Week, Shout It Out Bingo, Big Queer/Little Queer, *coughpartiescough*). Trust me, it’s a lot. And, as usual, we’ll have a fun game or two to loosen things up.

You don’t want to miss this one! Bottom floor of the Ucen, facing the lagoon, in the State Street Room. Bring your friends; everyone’s welcome! Hope to see ya there!

October 6, 2012

Event Name: Santa Barbara Heart and Sole AIDS Walk

Event description: This Saturday is the annual Heart and Sole AIDS Walk at Leadbetter beach in Downtown Santa Barbara. AIDS continues to devastate our community and others around the world. This fundraiser seeks to increase awareness and raise money for care and research to find a cure.

Check out here: http://pacificpridefn.donorpages.com/AIDSWalk2012/

and here: http://www.pacificpridefoundation.org/AIDSWalk/

for more info about the event itself.

Where does QSU come in to play here? We will be raising funds all week in IV and at our Tuesday meeting. Then, on Saturday we’ll be getting a group together to participate in the walk itself.

We’ll be meeting outside of IV Theater at 8:00am Saturday morning (Early, I know, but it’ll be worth it! It’s going to be a beautiful day at the beach!) to launch our caravan to the site. The walk begins at 9am.

We have a couple people who’ve graciously offered rides, so post a comment if you’d like in on that. And if you yourself have car space to offer, even better! Let us know!

October 9, 2012

Event Name: Critical Coming out with QCOMM

Event Description: For this week’s QSU meeting, in celebration of coming out week and in preparation for Coming Out Day on Thursday, we will be doing a joint panel with Qcomm about the struggles and benefits of being true to yourself. This will be an opportunity for everyone to share their experiences and seek advice. Guaranteed to be interesting!

This meeting is meant to foster an open discussion about the politics of coming out and the pros/cons of what is sometimes viewed as the defining institution of queerness, why it is that way, and how members of the community feel about it.

October 11, 2012

Event Name: Shout it Out Bingo!

Event Description: In celebration of Coming Out Day on October 11th, QSU, Hermanas Unidas and the Hub are hosting the 6th Annual Shout It Out Bingo! featuring the famous bingo hosts Willam Belli, star of season 4 RuPaul Drag Race, and Bingo Boy! The event is free and you have a chance to win some amazing prizes! Come in drag (Or don’t. Whatever you’re comfortable with). Beer garden for those 21+.

QSU and FUQIT will also be doing a Drag Prep Pre-party at 6pm in the Rainbow House Lounge in the La Cumbre House of Manzanita Village for those who want to hang out and get some assistance getting ready.

October 13, 2012

Event Name: Out of this world—QSU party at Biko!

Event Description: It been way too long but QSU is back with our first official party of the new school year–and at Biko house no less! As per tradition, this is our Bustin’ Out Party, in celebration of the end of Coming Out Week. The theme? OUT of this world! Get it? GET IT? hahaha… haha… ha…

Anyway, yes, show up with your sonic screwdriver, or in your best tin foil hat, red/blue shirt, googly ball antennas, rings-of-Saturn dress, jet pack, Boba Fett helmet, etc and just maybe you can be my supernova girl (Or boy. Whatever.).

We’re also fortunate enough to have Easylove spinning for us! So you’re all in for a treat there!

In order to make this and future parties possible, we will be charging our usual $3 at the door.

Queers and allies alike are welcome!

October 15, 2013

Event Name: Big Queer/Little Queer S’more Night

Event Description:
Big Queer/ Little Queer week is here! We’ll be doing events all week to help you find your perfect match.

For tonight’s event we will be making s’mores outside of the Rainbow House (in the La Cumbre building), in Manzanita Village. Map: http://www.housing.ucsb.edu/hchoices/hchoices-images/manzanita-site-map.gif
Don’t worry about supplies; we’ve got that covered! Just bring yourself!

Oh, and in case you don’t know, our BQ/LQ program is designed to pair up people new to the queer community (not necessarily freshman, but usually) with people that have been around it longer. An ideal big queer will be a mentor, showing their little around and helping him or her transition into the queer community and UCSB as a whole.




October 16, 2012

Event Name: Big Queer/Little Queer Speed Meet ‘n Greet

Event Description: To keep Big Queer/Little Queer Week going, we’ll be hosting our biggest event on Tuesday night: Big Queer/Little Queer Speed Meet ‘n Greet.

If you didn’t make it out to Monday’s s’mores social, this is your chance to meet a potential big or little! We’ll be organizing a speed meeting at the Graduate Student Association Lounge (located in the MCC next to the UCen) so that you can get to know as many people as possible to try to find the perfect big/little for you. 😀

October 17, 2012

Event Name: Big/Little/Persyn QPOC Mixer

Event Description: In honor of Queer People of Color safe spaces this year, QSU has decided to include QPOC in their Big Queer/Little QueerWeek!

QSU and La Familia De Colores is hosting a little mixer of our own to let yall meet amazing queer people of color leaders in your very own queer community. We’ll be located in the Resource Center for Sexual Gender Diversity (RCSGD) on the third floor of the Student Resource Building (SRB).

If you didn’t make it out to Monday’s s’mores social, Tuesday’s BQ/LQ Mixer AND identify as a person of color, come enjoy this space with us! Otherwise.. if you came to either and were feeling a little lost or overwhelmed in the large space and want to mingle with your fellow people of color.

Unfortunately.. or fortunately, this space is closed to folk who identify as queer people of color only. Closed spaces help folk open up and talk about personal issues revolving around a specific identity (ie closed queer spaces could help queers talk about oppression faced by heterosexuals in general or specific incidences without worrying about hurting the feelings of any straight identified folk)

October 23, 2013

Event Name: No Place for Hate

Event Description: The Queer Student Union and The Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity are collaborating and facilitating a workshop for confronting hate crimes and hate incidents. With the numerous amount of hate crimes and incidents occurring around our community, there is a need to provide information and resources about how to prevent, intervene, support, and respond to these situations.

Our aim is to help create and sustain inclusive school environments where all students feel valued and accepted despite individual differences.

Please join us this Tuesday in the State Street Room on the bottom floor of the UCen, as this will be part of QSU’s regular weekly meeting.

For more information contact: Alvaro.Medrano@sa.ucsb.edu

October 24, 2013

Event Name: Queer Bomb AS Senate Meeting

Event Description:
Hey y’all!

This Wednesday AS Senate wil be voting on a resolution in support of the queer community, highlighting all the amazing events and programs as well as great spaces that has been created this quarter.

So we are going to Queer Bomb the Senate meeting in order to show our support for this resolution. The meeting will start at 5pm but will go on for a while, so if you can at least stop by for a little while please do!

If you don’t have a queer bomb shirt wear black! We also have pins and a few shirts!

If you have any further questions contact bradyjforrest@gmail.com.

October 30, 2013

Event Name: Big Queer/Little Queer Reveal

Event Description:
I know you all have been on the edge of your seats to find out to whom you’ll be grafted at the hip for the rest of the year. (Not really.) The day has finally come though! Or will. Depends when you read this. Hello from the past, future dwellers!

Anyway, this week’s QSU meeting will be all about pairing up the bigs and littles, with a little entertainment thrown in even if you didn’t sign up (and you actually still can if you have a change of heart. We’ll be accepting people all year. It’ll just be a smaller pool to choose from.).

If you signed up, please be there! You wouldn’t want to break your big/little’s heart, would you?




November 6, 2012

Event Name: QSU Takes a Critical Look at Same-Sex Marriage

Event Description: This meeting might have been a little more relevant exactly 4 years ago, but since most of us (though not me; lawl at being old) were not yet old enough to vote, why not take some time to reexamine the issue of same-sex marriage. Not surprisingly, the issue still remains a very hot hot topic, with just about every politician, even down to the city level, being asked to take a stance. So, what’s yours?

Hardly the most unbiased of environments, we still want to examine all the facets of this issue. We probably don’t agree on all of them, but we don’t have to. What’s more important is that we take the time to say WHY we think what we do and WHY the issue is or isn’t important to us.

Some people want the legal freedom to embrace society’s idea of a “normal,” monogamous, relationship and some people have come to embrace the idea of a truly “alternative lifestyle.” Maybe you want the Supreme Court to strike down DOMA and Prop 8 as soon as possible, or maybe you want to wait until popular support leads the voters to act. There are plenty of different arguments. Let’s hear yours. (Or just come to listen. That’s cool too.)
November 13, 2012

Event Name: “Feminize This!?”–QSU and The Women’s Center Co-Sponsored Meeting

Event Description: QSU is not meeting in the State Street Room this week. Instead, we are cosponsoring an event on the gender spectrum with the Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Center in the Multipurpose Room of the SRB at 7:30pm. But don’t listen to me talk about it–check out the real event page and attend that one!

Gender, what is it? We’re all assigned one and these assignments affect us everyday. Join the Women, Gender and Sexual Equity Center as we explore the gender spectrum and play with it in the context of our own lives.

November 19, 2013

Event Name: Queer’s Harvest

Event Description: As a little warm up before (or instead of) we all head home to gorge ourselves for Thanksgiving, we at QSU like to throw our own little celebration. This Monday come out to the Loma Palona Center, next to San Raf (map below) for a spectacular feast! And… also help us create that feast…

As per tradition, this is a potluck event. QSU will be bringing a delicious ham as our main entree, but we as a community will have to make it a meal! If you know what you’re gonna make ahead of time, go ahead and post it in the comments below. No worries if you can’t bring anything, though! We’d still love to see you there!

November 27, 2012

Event Name: QSU’s (semi) Critical Discussion on LGBT People in the Media

Event Description: Do you like television? Well congratulations! So do we at QSU!

For our final meeting of the quarter we want to do something (hopefully) entertaining and talk about LGBT people in the media. So this is your time to shine Modern Family, Degrassi, and Glee fans! But there are plenty more subtle, unsuspecting places on TV our community pops up too. We hope to take a look at just a few, and consider everyone’s opinion about whether their presence represents a positive to the community, or if it is actually a negative. Furthermore, questions remain about the balance of different groups.

It’s guaranteed to be more fun than a banger in the mouth!

December 3,2012- December 6, 2012

Event Name: Fall Study Hours with QSU

Event Description: For better or worse, fall quarter is coming to a close. For those of you new freshman and transfers out there, that means QSU will not be having a meeting this week. We’ll pick back up again with regular meetings week 2 of winter quarter. (I know, I know, the separation anxiety is already kicking in for me too.)

Fortunately, as our last event for 2012, we’re continuing our quarterly tradition of doing study hours all week! We know what you need most right now, and that’s a quiet, friendly, safe place to study. If you need blue books, scantrons, and light snacks, we’ve got those too!

So yes, rain or shine, come join QSU (also FUQIT and De Colores) in the RCSGD on the third floor of the SRB Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 to midnight!

P.S. You all should post what classes you’re gonna be studying for here, so you can coordinate your efforts.

January 10, 2013

Event name: Jeopardy with Hermanas Unidas, La Familia de Colores and QSU

Event Description: Join Hermanas Unidas, La Familia de Colores and QSU for a fun game of team Jeopardy! Get to know new people, show off how smart you are, and win prizes!

January 15, 2013

Event name: QSU’s First Meeting of Winter Quarter

Event Description: If you thought you were done receiving gifts this winter, you were wrong! We’re bringing you a whole new quarter of fun and exciting (and sometimes educational) meetings with your favorite queers and allies.

Our first meeting is tomorrow, (Tuesday, January 15th) at 7pm in the State Street Room of the Ucen, as always. We’ve got some entertaining stuff planned and a ton of announcements to tell you about the many, many events going on this quarter.

New people welcome as always!

Brave the cold–it’ll be worth it!

January 18, 2013

Event Name: QSU Does a Coastal Fund (That’s not on a Saturday morning!)

Event Description: Interested in coming to Western Regionals in February? Well, money for events like that doesn’t grow on trees. Well, most of the time. This Friday, it does though! (Assuming we plant trees.)

Ahem. To clarify, QSU is doing a Coastal Fund to raise money for Western Regionals from 1-4:30pm this Friday. If we get enough people out there, they will give us FREE MONEY NOW!

Showing you care and helping out at events like this will greatly improve your odds of being able to come to Western Regionals this year (and yay environment). Spaces for WRC are limited, so act now!

Oh, and we’ll be meeting at the Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration, which is located at Harder Stadium.

January 22, 2013

Event Name: Discussions of an “Ethical Slut” with QSU

Event Description: When one just isn’t enough.

On this week’s exciting episode of QSU, we give you a real-life demonstration of the book “The Ethical Slut: A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities.” Well, “demonstration” might be a little deceptive. What kind of smut show do you think we run here? Now a DISCUSSION, those we do pretty well.

If you’ve ever been curious about polyamory–cursorily or seriously–now is your chance to find out. We’ll be answering such questions as: “How the devil does that work!?” and addressing other concerns and misconceptions.

Oh, and we’re also starting a little earlier this week, just FYI.


January 29, 2013

Event Name: QSU Meeting, in the Fiesta Room of Santa Catalina

Event Desciption: The Queer Student Union of UCSB is beginning it’s nationwide speaking tour THIS WEEK! Our first stop will be FT, or the Santa Catalina Residence Hall, for those of you who have to look for it on a map.

We felt bad for you all out there in the boonies having to come all the way to campus every week, just to see your wonderful fellow queers. So this week, we’re coming to you! We’ll be in the Fiesta Room, on the first floor of South Tower.

For those not in FT, the bus, your bike, and your feet are your friends! It’s gonna be a lovely, January evening. Great time to break out that winter scarf and pea coat! (See? I know fashion stuff. Totally.)

If your bike gets stolen, you break your legs, and the bus loop falls into a sinkhole, and you have no way of making it, don’t forget:

DRAG SHOW, this Thursday in the Hub! Get your tickets at the AS Ticket office now!
This quarter’s QSU party: happening THIS WEEKEND (Saturday)! Prepare yourselves (and your livers)! More info coming soon to a Facebook event near you.

January 31, 2013

Event Name: Winter Wonder-Drag
Event Description: You know the worst part about winter quarter (other than the rain)? It is traditionally far too lacking in sweet, sweet drag performances. But what if you didn’t have to wait it out? But how?

Good news everyone! QSU and the Hub are proud to announce this winter’s hottest (coldest?) attraction: A Winter Wonder Drag! We’re gathering up some of the most talented local drag performers to give you a hell of a show. To top it all off, your MCs will be none other than the lovely Avery Daniels and Jenna Scyde.

Date: Thursday, January 31
Location: The Hub (next to Panda Express in the Ucen)
Time: Doors open at 8:30pm, performance starts at 9
Price: $5 presale, $7 at the door. (Presale tickets will be sold at the A.S. Ticket Office. There will only be 350 seats available though, so don’t risk missing out by waiting until the last minute!)
No beer garden. Sorry, no drinking *at* the event.

All proceeds raised will go towards Western Regionals in February, by the way, so the more money we raise, the better we can make our delegation!
Applications here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?fromEmail=true&formkey=dGxaRElNMHRxdHZpVTgyMTBFY2JJSEE6MQ

This is an event BY our community FOR our community (and allies—props always to the allies).

February 5, 2013

Event Name: Safe Sex: No Lifeguard on Duty

Event Description: All the time we hear people talk about the importance of safe sex. But what does that really mean? The issue goes far beyond the simple condom (although still important for male-bodied individuals). Practicing a healthy sexual lifestyle means knowing yourself and everything else there is out there.

This week’s QSU meeting will be explicit, but will better prepare you for the Isla Vista jungle and life beyond.

We’ll be starting a little earlier this week (6:30pm) to make time for all the information. The Pride committee will also be here to put this year’s IV Pride theme to a vote, so come and join the democratic process!

February 25, 2013

Event Name: The Boys of Original Plumbing present… T-Time

Event Description: Come join the founders of Original Plumbing magazine in their celebration of trans* identities! Original Plumbing is an independently published magazine based in Brooklyn, NY that is dedicated to the sexuality and culture of FTM trans guys. The magazines founders, Rocco Kayiatos and Amos Mac, will be hosting a workshop in the late afternoon centered around trans* education, as well as campus strategies for trans* inclusion. There will be a spoken word/rap performance combined with photographs in the evening to provide the audience with a multi media trans* experience. For more information on Rocco & Amos, check out this link to their Original Plumbing blog: http://www.originalplumbing.com/

Workshop-4pm (MCC Theater)

Performance-8pm (MCC Theater)

For questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact Shane Stringfellow: shanestrings@gmail.com

February 26, 2013

Event Name: QSU Goes Abroad: A Showing of Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink)

Event Description:
Okay, so we’re not meeting in the actual State Street Room, but we are meeting!

Join us for the film showing of Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink) in collaboration with the RCSGD’s Queer International Film Festival!

Ma Vie en Rose is French film about the story of Ludovic, a child who is seen by her family and community as a boy, but self-identifies as a girl. The film depicts Ludovic and her family as they struggle to accept her identity.

Popcorn and refreshments will be available, but MUST be consumed outside of the theater.

March 5, 2013

Event Name: QSU Takes a Trip Back in Time With Show-and-Tell

Event Description: This week’s QSU meeting is all about you, ’cause we’re doing show-and tell!

Yeah, I know, they say a person’s worth isn’t measured by the things they have, but goddammit! You’ve collected some pretty sweet stuff since the third grade, and people need to see it!

This is our last meeting of winter quarter, by the way, so we’re busting out all the feels! I know how fond you are of your solid gold Ferrari, but what about that hideous knitted sweater from grandma that was made with so much love? Or that first, fiendish, audio amplifier you built, only just barely restraining yourself from smashing the stubborn thing the whole time (No? Just me?)?

We want to see what (or who–just try to get their permission first before blindfolding them and absconding to the Ucen) matters most to you.

Seeya Tuesday in the RCSGD (Sorry Ucen. It just wasn’t meant to be).

March 12, 2013- March 14, 2013

Event Name: Winter Study Hours with QSU

Event Description: AKA: “Holy crap! You mean it’s dead week already?”

Packed library and Ucen sent ya packing? Never fear! QSU and the RCSGD are here to save the day!

As per usual, we will be doing study hours from 7pm til midnight,Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We’ll have some snacks, blue books, and scantrons for ya to make it worth your while.

Where is the RCSGD you ask? Why that would be on the third floor of the Student Resource Building, of course!

Hope to see ya there!

April 9, 2013

Event Name: QSU Springs into the New Quarter

Event Description: The snows have thawed and now it’s time for our first meeting of the season! Let’s add to nature’s rainbow of flowers with some beautiful rainbows of our own! We have a lot planned and many things to talk about. Parties to throw and drags to queen! So bring your A-Game and let’s get started on one. fabulous. quarter.

April 16, 2013

Event Name: QSU Endorsement Forum for AS

Event Description: If you haven’t guessed based upon all the FB photo changing, it’s already time to elect AS officers for next year! QSU will be hosting a meet-and-greet/forum of sorts for members of the queer community to interact with those running. After, QSU will endorse the candidates that we all feel best support us. So come on down and enjoy the chance to make yourself heard!

This is an important issue, for we still struggle every day for our rights and toward the goal of making UCSB a safer place. So for the sake of equality, do your part to participate in the fair and informed democratic system we so dearly cherish. Get your voice and opinions out there – you deserve that – and we’ll hope to see you there!

April 23, 2013

Event Name: QSU Weekly Meeting

Event Description: Who’s up for a nice break from political meetings?
We thought so. So this week we’re focusing on the social of QSU with some games and get-to-know-you activities. Guaranteed to be fun!

April 30, 2013

Event Name: QSU Meeting: Pride Inside

Event Description:
Hey there, everyone! Well we’ve waited all year and the time has finally come for us to get out their and show the world what we, the queer community, are all about! For every disenfranchised person that has ever felt rejected by a society that should support them, we need to show that we aren’t just united in all of our different identities, we’re proud of them! Let’s kick off Pride Week right!

Oh, right, I never said anything about the meeting. So yeah. Having our weekly UCen meeting. It’ll be fun and pride themed! With games! And celebrity appearances! Well maybe not that last one.

Tuesday May 7, 2013

Event Name: QSU Meeting: New Officer Positions!

Event Description: Hi, this is Evan, your Media Officer reporting in. It’s probably pretty clear what I do for QSU (deep sea spear fishing, metal smelting, etc.). But what about the other officers?

But in truth, this meeting really isn’t about us. It’s about you all–the future of QSU! The time is almost here to elect new officers, so this is your chance to find out what exactly it is we do. Spoiler alert: it’s cool stuff. If you have any interest in becoming an officer, this is the meeting to come to. No worries if you don’t think you have leadership experience or have missed a couple queer theory classes. We’re just looking for passionate people.

We’ll be electing new officers in just a little more than a week now. Come hear why those new officers should be you!

May 14, 2013

Event Name: QSU Officer Elections for 2013-2014

Event Description: Have you strong leaderships skills and ideas how you want to see UCSB’s Queer Student Union develop next year? Wonderful! QSU has a place for you! Have you never held a leadership role and still working on those ideas? Also okay! We’re looking for anyone to step up. QSU can be yours to mold as long as you have passion and initiative!

At our next meeting, Tuesday, May 14th, people interested in running for a position will be given time to make a brief speech in front of the group about why they are applying to the position.
Those present will have a chance to vote for each candidate and those of us officers who are not running again (curse you graduation and real life!) will count the votes. Winners will be announced immediately. So if you don’t get your first choice of position, have no fear!

We’ll be electing people to fill the following positions:
(2) Co-Chairs
(1) Treasurer
(1) Publicity Coordinators
(1) Media Coordinator
(1) Queerstorian
(1) Social Justice Coordinator
(1) Community Coordinator

This is the “application.” We will not be reviewing them though. It is simply a guide to help you articulate your thoughts when you come up and say why you’re running.

(1) Why are you interested in being part of QSU’s executive board?

(2) What previous accomplishments or experience makes you qualified for the position you are applying for?

(3) What issues are you passionate about?

(4) What do you feel you contribute to a team setting?

(5) Do you have any event or workshop ideas that you hope to organize through QSU?


Come run for a position! Again, NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! And it’s okay if you haven’t been to every QSU meeting. Tell your friends too!

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