QSU Officer Meeting Minutes

QSU Officer Meeting Minutes

Taken by Alvaro Medrano

Minutes for some officer meetings are missing

QSU Minutes


Transition Meeting





areas of improvement for next year

Toughest moments with QSU


Come-back together

What is your vision for QSU regarding your position?


Transition meeting

Publicity: Think outside the box.

Community Chair: Checking up on bigs! Combining more students to hit different intersectionalities.

Treasurer: OSL/AS & AIDS Walk organizing. Bringing more speakers.

Media: Keeping updates and collaborating more with other orgs.

Social Justice: A more global view of queer identity

Co-chairs: Bringing outside speakers. Stronger community.


Student Town Hall Meeting on Monday, May 14

5:00pm-7:30pm in the Corwin Pavilion

Tim and Sally will attend, Steven will attend after 6.


Queer Wedding

Storke Plaza, Fri May 18, 12 to 2

Set Up at 10AM

Includes set up of Carpet and cutting cake

Old officers attending: Daniel, Sally, James

Clean Up at 2pm

Old Officers attending: Daniel

We will be getting a lot of help from Pride volunteers set up by Brandon


Pride Tabling. Saturday May 19.

1 to 2 Steven, James, Tony

2 to 3 Steven, Alvaro, Tim

3 to 4 Joel, Nick, Evan,


1st QSU meeting

Same time, same place

Melba & Morgan will facilitate

New officers will be presented


QSU Banquet

MCC Lounge

Set Up at 5.

Event: 6 to 7:30

Clean Up 7:30 to 8

Evan, Facebook event is needed.

Superlatives: Send out doodle for superlatives voting. Activity for 1st meeting.




Melba will sent out email to collaborate

Need activities and food.

Beans and rice from Santa Cruz

Meat, tortillas from Santa Cruz Market

Tony, create a budget to present at QComm including any other ingridients and supplies.



Study Hours

Steven will reserve RCSGD

Will sent out doodle, Mont to thurs 8 to 12

Buy Blue books, scantrons and snacks.



Lavender Graduation

Volunteer to help set up

June 10

More info to come!



1st New Officer Meeting



Queer Wedding

We all need to stay at our events especially for clean up and set up

It might had not been clear, so if something isn’t clear make sure to ask for clarification


We all get our money back

We’re approached about not charging because non-profit


1st New Officer’s Meeting

-Officer’s hosting next week’s meetings should present week before

Please attend all our



Letter supporting Gender Neutral Restrooms

Forward email about Gender Neutral Restrooms to Tim


QSU banquet

When, where, what, how?

Tues, May 23 in MCC Lounge from 6 to 7:30

Order Food

4 pizzas

$50 for vegeterian

$25 (estimate) greenapple salad

Pick Up Food

Melba & Tony @ 4

We need:

Utensils from EAB

Table will check home from Table Cloths

Create budget

Tony is on it!

Present budget to QComm

Tim will present tomorrow.

Prepare list of superlative awards

Cutest couple that never were

Cutest couple

Cutest big/little pair

Most likely to grow up to be RuPaul

Most likely to get MIP

Most likely to dance on the table

Most likely to give a lap dance

Most likely suga’ Parent

Most likely to be found partying in IV after graduation

Most likely to do the Stride of Pride

Most likely to be on a reality show

Biggest activist

Dazed and confused award


Send out superlative survey

Close survey at 4pm next Monday

Prepare Awards

Nick will send out.

Send email to award receivers so they attend. Mention “nominated”

Create Facebook Event


Set Up @ 5

Tim can’t be there. Will come after 5:50.

Clean Up @ 7:30

Send slide show

Alvaro will send out email and Facebook message regarding pics

Ann from QAPI

Background music from Alvaro




When, where, what, how?

Sat, June 2nd in Goleta Beach Park

Order food from Super Cucas

Steven & Nick!

2 trays of each

Buy meat, tortillas, salsa, from Santa Cruz

Melba & Tim

Vegan Burgers from Albertsons

Salsa, Chips and Guacamole from Costco


Bring Activities

No water related activities

Giant Rainbow Pinata!!!

Musical Beach Towels!

Ask Resident Hall about VolleyBall

Sand Castle tools

Officer Jump! Jumping Pier



Bring Music

Evan will bring system



Who, when, where?

Send out facebook event message asking people if they can carpool with others?


SetUp @ 11am

Melba wil be there to start fire

BBQ Shifts to cook

12 to 12:30 Alvaro

12:30 to 1 Tony

1 to 1:30 Tim

1:30 to 2 Steven

2 to 2:30 Melba

2:30 to 3 Melba



QSU Study Hours

When, where, what, how?

Mon to Thurs, 7 to 12

Set Up Shifts

Steven will send out doodle.



Lavender graduation

Sunday, June 10, 2012 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the Student Resource Building.


Officer Bonding part 1: TigerHeat!!!



Dec 17 Tony = 22

Dec 18 Melba = 20

Dec 19 Nick = 20

Jan 27 Tim = 20

Aug 3 Steven = 19

May 31 Alvaro = 20 (tigerheat part 2?)




4 to 6 RCSGD NEXT Wednesday!

Everyone be there!

Meet other Queer leaders on campus

Top of Form


Bottom of Form


Spring, QSU Meeting #2



Loved Silvergreens

Would had been better to split what needs to be picked up. Too much for 1 driver.

Awards were really cute, adorable.

Definitely needed utensils, liquid soap,

Ask MCC about our number

$500 for Banquet and BBQueer


Delicious food

Seemed like QAPI disappointed with SCORE bc of the mixer

Brandon’s fault?

QAPI worked hard for mixer, SCORE was having an event, Brandon decided to collab everything together, he didn’t tell them beforehand, seemed like SCORE was taking over, 3 debriefings (intense), collaborating with orgs ends up being just adding names onto events but it should be about more.

We rely too much on Facebook . We should try other ways

Contacting every org to update Queer Calendar. Will be Evan’s job.

Collaborating was the main topic.

Talked about Beyond the Basics

It was supposed to have been QYLC

Talked about making a Queer Conference for UCSB only.

Meetings at QLC are a lot of talk but not a lot of action. This was talked about at the meeting. We should hold each other accountable for what we decide to do at these meetings.

Reaching out to FT!

Tabling, pool party at FT.

Talked about retention.

Let’s make our meetings more approachable



Steven ordered at Super Cucas. Will get price soon. Use BFSJ money to front. Talked to Tony about it.

Tim will ask Abrahan about the budget that was approved by QComm

Melba and Tim will buy items on Friday.

Will hunt for piñata.

On Facebook event ask about Carpool.

Steven has BCC meeting from 11 to 3

Alvaro will not stay for clean up.


Study Hours

Sign up for 4 hours

We’ll probably have a meeting next week too so be there on Wed.



Lav Grad

Melba will figure out details

RCSGD’s event.

June 10th


Make sure to make copies of things you turn in, like requisition forms, and sign them by the people responsible for accepting them to ensure you keep proof of submitting.


Mission Statement

Sense of community

Fighting phobias and heterosexim

Development of the queer perspective

Safe environment

Presence & voice is heard on campus

Explore boundaries (place of acceptance)

Workshops and expansion

Providing resources

Big Queer and Little Queer

Strengthening the bons within our community and bridging the gap between the UC community at large

Oldest  Groups



Officer Contracts

What do we expect from each other?


Tell each other when we fuck up.

If you commit to something, make sure you can complete it or else find someone to take over your commitment.


Respecting each other’s ideas.

Respect everyone’s time.

Remember to separate personal and business relationship.


Attending in a punctual manner to all meetings and events

Inform each other when not able to attend a meeting or event.

Open Communication

Reporting back to the group once completing a goal.


Tolerance for one another’s differences.


Don’t be afraid to voice an unpopular opinion.

Always give your 100%.

If you need help, ask.

Fulfilling your specific officer duties.



Aug 25. Queer Camping. Let’s have QSU represantion!

Tea Time with FSSP people

1st Week Back


RHA Tabling

FT Tabling

Rush Queer board!!!!

Ask DP to paint board.

Make QSU shirts. “Rush Queer” ?

Retreat/Leadership Training

We talk about our meetings and what our year will look like.

Leadership training should happen on a different day or else the next day.

Talk about Queerapalooza SOON!


Committees. 3 members a committee



Social Events

Big Queer/Little Queer


Welcoming Committee

Western Regional

Summer Committees

Top of Form


Bottom of Form

3rd New QSU Officer’s Meeting, June 5, 2012



There are a lot of leftovers. It’s all in the refrigerator of the Rainbow House or Melba’s car.

Melba will write requisition forms under Tony’s name. Pick up in AS

Lavender Graduation

8:30 am, enter on the side of the SRB with the daycare

Ceremony starts at 2pm


Mission Statement

Sense of community

Fighting phobias and heteronormativvity

Development of the queer perspective

Presence & voice is heard on campus

Creating a safer environment by strengthening the bonds within our community and bridging the gap between the UC community at large

Providing opportunity for

Through dialogue and


QSU Fall Retreat

1 day, long retreat full of trainings, workshops, and planning

September 29


We will need to meet before the beginning of Fall to plan the first


Over the Summer, think about what kind of events and meetings you want to host.

Nick mentions getting the Human Sexuality professors to host a meeting


Queer Art Exhibist



Western Regional: Steven, Melba

Summer: Tony (A&B), Evan (A&B), Steven (A&B), Tim (A)

Welcoming: Melba, Tim, Evan

Fundraising: Tony, Evan Tim

Social Events: Alvaro, Nick, Tim

Big Queer/Little Queer: Steven, Morgan, Tony


September 23, 2012



Nick will get flyers at the AS office

Set up 10:30am

Start at 11am,

Stop at 3pm

Schedule: Check Doodle!

Additional Tabling in Getting involved Fair

5:30pm to 8pm

At San Nick Lawn

Sharing table with other org

Nick, Tony Evan, Tim, Melba, Alvaro

Candy & QSU flyers in Tabling Kit

Nick, in the UCen, Top Floor, Ask for SHOUT IT OUT BINGO FLYERS




10:30am to 3pm


RCSGD Event, 8pm to 11pm

3rf floor SRB patio

Campus Orgs Orientation – Attend one – All in TD-W 1701

10-11:30am, 1-2:30pm, or 3-4:30pm

OrgSync Essentials – Attend one – All in TD-W 2600

10-11:30am, 1-2:30pm, or 3-4:30pm






10:30am to 3pm

FT Speed Meeting Tabling in FT Fiesta Room

3 to 5pm

Nick, Tim, Evan, & Melba

Campus Orgs Orientation – Attend one – in TD-W 1701

9:30-11am, or 4-5:30pm

OrgSync Essentials – Attend one – All in TD-W 2600

9:30-11am, or 4-5:30pm


LGBT Awareness Social

Santa Rosa/DLG Lawn

5:30 to 7pm

Melba, Nick

The Queer Global Welcome Event

5:30 to 7pm


7:30 to 9:30pm


We’ll provide finger food (CHECK PREVIOUS MINUTES)

Paper on walls for people to write about what they want to see this year

Queer Orgs will talk about what they want to do

Multicultural Theater Club will also show up

We’ll have bowls with jolly ranchers and have people go into groups according to their color.

Olivia will do get to know you BINGO

At the end address will be provided.

QComm will refund food money

After Party.

BFSJ Money to buy alcohol.

Set Up

Clean Up


If not, 8am Thursday Morning

Nick, Tony, Tim,


September 29, Saturday

OSL Retreat Corwin Pavillion

Register Online!

9am to 4pm


September 30, Sunday

QSU Fall Retreat

1pm to 5pm

Will talk about programming


October 2nd, First QSU Meeting

Melba & Morgan will facilitate


AIDS Walk, October 6!


Meet at 8am in front of IV Theater

Announce that we have a TEAM


Talk to Hermanas Unidas to have a mingling event

Place Jars in IV Location and update on Officer Page!!!!!



October 8, Coming Out Monologues!

We need to find student performers!!!

Make facebook events


Tuesday, Octoiber 9

Coming Out Panel

Melba will talk to RJ




We need to get a bike!!!



October 15 to 19

October 16, Mixer

Steven in charge

Need Flyer

Mention that other orgs are hosting events

October 18 Fuqit,

Will talk to De Colores and QAPI to co-ponser


October 23, Hate Crime Awareness Prevention Program


QSU Fall 2012 Retreat, September 30, 2012


Officer Check-ins

How is your week going?


Reflecting TED Talk Video: “Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action.” WHY DO WE DO QSU?

Morgan: Education


Tony: I didn’t come out til college. When coming out we can feel lonely. QSU allowed me to meet other people and to understand who I am as a person. I want to be a leader so I can help other people who feel like I did.


Tim: Where I’m from I never saw a queer community. I want to increase visibility. I’ve lived in places where to be gay is illegal. The fact that I can use my voice I want to utilize my voice for those who can’t use theirs.


Nick: I suppressed a lot of my identity til I came to UCSB.  It was amazing to find other people who are gay. My mom doesn’t get how there is still a lot of other struggles that people go through. As publicity chair I want to reach.


Alvaro: To surround myself around people who think critically about our social norms and celebrate their unique identities, and allow for others to reach the point where they are fully comfortable with their own identity.

Steven: Same as everyone. I see the problems in High School and the problems in college.


Melba: Community has been my number one thing.  I like surrounding myself with critical queers and people who challenge them and each other. I like giving back because so much has been given to me. Someone had to do something so we could be sitting here today. If someone can benefit from the work I’ve done, that would be awesome. I want to make sure that our campus is more friendly and open, and also spread that around for others.

Evan: This is still very new to me, I can connect with many other people who are still new to the community and provide an outside prospective.


In the future let’s remind ourselves why are we trying to host our meetings and why we are hosting events.  Tell our members why we are here for them.


Officer Contracts

Stuff that came up during discussion:

Our mental, physical, health comes before QSU.

Give constructive criticism that people can use as advice to develop personal strengths.

Respecting our meetings as a safe, closed space.

We are at a different position than our members where we should lead with example.

Drinking and Drugs only with responsibility and remembering accountability.


Debrief of WOW Events



Progressive Christians want to do a queer bible study night

Taiwanese Student Association wants to collaborate

Counseling Services want to collaborate and can help with workshops

Campus Democrats want to do MILK & COOKIES, Oct 10

Candy helps so people feel comfortable coming to our table

Be friendly, offer candy, wear sunscreen!




Successful event. Glad it wasn’t like the RCSGD

Event ran smoothly

Announcements were too lengthy

More pictures need to be taken at events and uploaded on Facebook

OSL Retreat

Great water bottle

Great networking options

Workshops were interesting

How to recruit and retain members was helpful for Nick.

Nick will be in charge of recognition certificates and queer of the month


Our First Meeting, October 2

Make sure to ask for preferred gender pronoun


How to have safe fun weekends. IV 101

Possible Queer Party Announcement Page

Break up rooms with 1 officer per group. OFFICERS, ENCOURAGE SOBER EVENTS.


AIDS Walk, October 6

Need FB event

Melba will contact Hermanas Unidas to get to know them

Tony needs help to go canvass at Albertsons. ANYONE???



Coming out Monologues, Oct 8

8pm in the HUB

7 to 10 speakers who will perform

Last day to contact Melba in order to perform is this Tuesday


QComm Collaboration October 9

Morgan will contact RJ


October 10 Tabling Event


Shout it out Bingo October 11

Nick will pass out flyers

Getting ready will start in the Rainbow House at 6pm

If people don’t have full drag attire, encourage for them to perform Gender-Fuck attire.


October 13 BIKO Party


Big Queer/Little Queer Week! October 15 to 19

15: Event at FT. Info TBA

16: QSU Mixer, QPOC sponsored

17: Possible event with Xanth

18: Event with FUQIT

The application needs to be reviewed.


October 23RCSGD, 7pm in Women’s Center Conference Room


October 30, Big queer Little Queer Revealing Debut

We will also reveal freshmen/transfer Liaisons


November 6

Alvaro and Tony

Elections Meeting


November 10, Queer Party


November 13

Nick and Tim


November 19

Collaborate with other queer org for QUEER’S HARVEST


November 20

Trans Day of Remembrance


November 27

Evan and Steven



Xanth wants to do an event on the 17th Watching “But I’m a Cheerleader”



Western Regional: Steven, Melba

Welcoming: Melba, Tim, Evan

Fundraising: Tony, Evan Tim

Social Events: Alvaro, Nick, Tim

Big Queer/Little Queer: Steven, Morgan, Tony


October 11, 2013


Coming Out Critical Discussion Debrief

  • Great attendance, great discussion
  • Next time, have a few questions and answers prepared in case we get stuck

AIDS Walk Debrief

  • Collab with Hermanas Unidas was a lot of fun
    • Have more socials with them when we cohost events with them in the future
    • Good networking opportunity
    • Holla at Evan G for being the first one to finish!


  • Set up at the HUB 8 pm, event starts at 9
    • Make sure you stay for the clean up afterward at 11!
    • $120 budget for the bike
      • Melba fronting the money and picking it up
      • Ask Willam to do a birthday shout out for Xanth’s friend


  • Monday Smores at Rainbow house
    • 8-10
    • Need smore supplies
    • Tuesday Open Mixer
      • 2 on 2 speed dating
      • Have to pay $50 for the GSA lounge, however we get to use the space for the whole year.
        • Steven is going to book the space.
        • Go to QCOMM for funding.
        • TENTATIVE Wednesday QPOC Closed Space
          • Possibly MCC lounge from 8:00 – 9:30
          • RCSGD last resort
          • Wednesday Movie Night
            • San Nic at 9:30
            • Thursday FUQIT Dodgeball
            • Finances
              • Make a budget for everything we are going to need and go to QCOMM for funding
              • FUQIT Big Crafts co-sponsor
                • Decorating picture frames
                  • Paint, glitter, glue, puffy paint, markers, etc.
  • Look at prices, establish a budget.


October 24, 2013


$50 for Steven

Reimbursement for study hours

Big Queer Little Queer

Xanth doesn’t want to be a big

Smores night was pretty good

Tuesday night was very disorganized

People were not collaborating

People didn’t know what to do

Wed QPOC was a success for 2 people

very worth it

FUQIT was fun, but not enough to do

People are beginning to gravitate now

Plan for Mentorship Program was found in the RCSGD

Modeled from UCLAs program



Didn’t fund bike.

Money will come out of OSL

They only allocated $400 for food

New requisition form online

New requirement to be authorized signers

Get reimbursed quicker

They say Hi



Western Regional

Fundraising Needed!!!!

Can we ask people to contribute money?


Joshua has decided to donate condoms for our social events.

Check amazon!

Go to IV clinic

Come to PPF


Queers Harvest


Morgan won’t be here!

Melba will ask front desk


Next week BIG Reveling

Curtain revealing


Steven will separate paired up people so we can call and get their                   confirmation!!!

Reminder about our committees!!! WORK WITH THEM!!!!

Western Regional: Steven, Melba

Welcoming: Melba, Tim, Evan

Fundraising: Tony, Evan Tim

Social Events: Alvaro, Nick, Tim

Big Queer/Little Queer: Steven, Morgan, Tony


Change DATE because SOCC!!!

Nov 17th!!!

QSU Meeting

Time crunch due to technical difficulties

Midterms could have caused low attendance

Cristina mentioned that people who committed hate crimes will be     mandated      to volunteer events

Melba and I will bring up to Cristina


October 31, 2013




Debrief Yesterday’s Meeting

Loved the curtain, the hugs

End with group hugs at other meetings


Begin to organize Big/Lil Events

Matching Fashion Shows!!! with a prize


Other ideas???


For future meetings: critical discussion about gay marriage

RuPaul’s Drag Race had a discussion about it


Elections Meeting


Talk about gay marriage?

Ask who here can vote and hasn’t voted yet?

tell people where they can vote during the last hour!

Campus Dems provided list of voting locations



Study Hours & Bike

A.S. and OSL require original receipts


OSL Account Summary

Tony go to OSL office


RCSGD Programming Meeting

Tomorrow at 1pm

NICK will try


QLC Meeting this Friday

Women’s center conference room

Sometime on Friday

EVAN will be there!


Upcoming IV Social


Fraternity House?


Queer’s Harvest

Reserve Space!!! MELBA!

MPR or Loma Pelona Center

both have kitchen access

Dave can get us flyers for resident halls if we do at LPC with Shane


NOTE: Check in with all of us when you have tasks to complete.


Officer Expectations Review


Officer Contracts

What do we expect from each other?



Tell each other when we fuck up.

If you commit to something, make sure you can complete it or else find someone to take over your commitment.




Respecting each other’s ideas and feelings.

Respect everyone’s time.

Remember to separate personal and business relationship.




Attending in a punctual manner to all meetings and events

Inform each other when not able to attend a meeting or event.



Open Communication

Reporting back to the group once completing a goal.




Tolerance for one another’s differences.


Don’t be afraid to voice an unpopular opinion.

Always give your 100%.

If you need help, ask.

Fulfilling your specific officer duties.


Co-chair Expectations

Pick up slack and follow up with officer

Delegating with a stronger voice

Making sure goals are met from start to finish

Be physically and mentally present

Even distribution over what’s happening and what’s getting done


Further Development

Personal life stories to know where we all come from

Officer Socials

Continue collaboration with other ors

Public Speaking development

Speakers from RHA to help with development


Accountability Section:


Melba will reserve space for Queer’s Harvest

Tony will request QSU OSL Account Balance

Nick will try to go to RCSGD’s programming meeting

Evan will be at the QLC meeting


QSU Officer’s Meeting November 14, 2012

Ice Breaker

Debrief Yesterday’s Meeting

We liked it

Remember to represent QSU well during any other co-sponsorship events

Thanks for everyone for inputting in discussions

Remember that we all have a role in our meetings as officers.  We should help with discussions


Possibility of being unsuccessful

Postpone this quarter’s party and plan to have an early party next quarter

Grilled Cheese DP fundraiser

We still need a location

TRY FOR THIS WEEKEND! If not, weekend after thanksgiving


November 28, 2013

Queer’s Harvest

Next Monday, 7 to 8:30

SETUP 6:30

This is a potluck event.

Giving thanks activity: Tony

Who won’t be here:

Morgan, Steven

Nick & Tim will buy and cook ham for Monday!

Priscilla & Cameron (First Year Liaisons) will make posters

For Pardall tunnetl, Santa Ynez tunnel, residence halls

Facebook Event is needed, Evan

History Component: Tim

Music Playlist & Picture Slideshow: Alvaro


Steven will give Tony and Melba workshops

Next Week Transgender Day of Remembrance Candle Light Vigil in Downtown

6 pm

Sign up Sheet

Melba will create sign up sheet

MCC Council Meeting

Melba attended

Discussed safety/campus climate survey

Quotes from respondants mentioned IV heteronomative, culture-based costumes during Halloween.

They are trying to create a campaign for next quarter to publicize the quotes and personalize issues

Social Justice Conference is being worked on for Feb 9


Ryan (Transfer Liaison) can attend future meetings


Drag Show?

Jill can help but needs a date ASAP

Velvet Jones, possible venue for future drag show fundraiser

Queer’s Harvest Debrief

Good turnout. 75 people

Next year, let’s take into consideration vegan and vegetarian people.

Morning Star brand has vegetarian wings

This Week’s QSU Meeting

There was an event at San Cat where people wore shirts saying “faggot,” “

Lets’’s queer bomb!

Mick, RCSGD volunteer, will have event in spring

Hermanas Unidas Co-sponsorship with QSU and DeColores

First Thursday of March. Right before DEAD WEEK

We are all down for this.

RJ and Morgan talked about queer safe space network in IV

Working on gathering info about safe spaces in IV for other people to acess.

Would be voluntary.

Safe space training offered to volunteers


Study Hours

Evan, post FB Event and mention to create study groups

DeColores and FUQIT want to collab

7 to 12 pm

each does 4 hours

Steven does doodle. Steven will also get snacks and Blue Books

Next Quarter’s Retreat

Work on team and officer building.

Dave Whitman, our advisor, will help with workshops.

Fill out calendar!

1st week; 12pm to 4pm. Sunday Jan 13

First Thursday TigerHeat Bonding!


Coastal Fund

Not during Western Regional. Feb 15 to 17.

Any First Saturday and Sunday morning.

Grilled Cheese on DP or Sabado

Could use Brandon’s front yard

Friday and Saturday nights 11th and 12th

Need table, extension chord,

Tony has table

Melba has Evan’s extension chord

10PM til ever


Drag Show with The HUB

Let’s give her a Thank You Card!!!

Thursday January 31st

Doors Open at 8:30pm

Event 9pm to 11pm

It’s Jenna Scyde BDay

Go through AS Program Board for EVENT STAFF

NO Beer Garden

400 people for standing; 350 seats for lecture style seating + 50 people standing



Tony talk to Student After Dark on 2nd floor of SRB

Performers only people to have free admission, but leave it open for them to donate

To make this a fundraiser, we need to go through AS Ticket Office

They make tickets for us. They rip tickets for us at door.

$1per ticket

Can we charge for presale and at the door prices?

We have 2 dressing rooms in the HUB

Change Restrooms to be GENDER NEUTRAL

We can sell concessions if we order through UCen Catering

We can create drawing competition to use as a design

Use DigiKnow for advertisement

IV Drip

Ask for Volunteer Help

Tuesday Jan 15

Western Regional

UCSC just released hotel info

Cars VS Bus

Bus fits 55 people

Cars don’t allow delegation members didn’t get to know each other.

Aim to reach big delegation

Incident at SOCC. Some Queer people are Black Listed

Peterson and Peter and DJ have been blacklisted


Officer Tasks

Evan, post FB Event and mention to create study groups

Tony talk to Student After Dark on 2nd floor of SRB to your left


QSU Winter 2013 Retreat

Western Regional

Funding: received total funding from finance board

Hotel: Best Western (3 stars on yelp) aprox $1500 for 9 rooms

Registration: intercampus recharge? Money needed by Next Fri 18th

Application Committee: Steven, Morgan, Tony, Alvaro, Melba

Delegation Meeting: Tuesday Feb 12 after apps due at 8pm

Posters: First Year Liaison duty. Mention that expenses are paid for.

Tim request additional $50/car ($400 total) from QComm for drivers

Evan, make FB event for applications

Drag Show:

Only 400 spots/tickets. $5 presale, $7 at door

Steven and Nick will meet with Program Board on Mon

Flyers have been picked up

Jena Scyde and Nick will go to table

DigiKnow is taken care of!

Tickets available by Monday!!! Invite friends!!!!

Sponsored by the HUB ShoutOut to Program Board

Evan make Tabling Doodle for 29th and 30th

Coastal Fund

Friday 18 1 – 4:30pm @ Cheadle Center for Biodiversity and Ecological Restoration

Make FB event to recruit volunteers. Need 10!!!

Grilled Cheese Fundraiser

Feb 23rd


IV Drip

Postponed to Spring Quarter

1st QSU Meeting

quarter sheet of upcoming events

talk about calendar

coastal fund sign up sheet

charades activity


22nd Co Sponsor with Mira (RCSGD)

29th  Ryan & Priscilla

Feb 5th Safe Sex & Relations Week

12th  Nick and Tim

19th  Film (Alvaro) or Steven & Cameron

26th  Film (Alvaro) or Steven & Cameron

March 5th Evan & Ryan

Officer Meeting Time

Weds @ 9pm


Feb 2nd !!!  Gender Bending Party

Melba will contact BIKO

March 9th !!!


Sell grilled cheese at parties!

Officer Socials


Safer Sex Workshop




Super Sober Weekend

March 1st and 2nd Friday and Saturday night hoster by RCSGD

Co sponsorship from QSU is appreciated

Let’s do Ballroom Dancing!

Other Events


Bowling at Zodo’s on Wednesdays

Big Queer/Little Queer Hike

PotLuck Event

Equality CA with Isabella

Workshop about how to talk about queer issues with other people outside from our community

Postpone to early next quarter

Officer Photoshoot Scheduling next week

Safe Zone IV System

Morgan will talk to RJ from QComm


QSU Officer Meeting: Jan 16, 2013


Debrief Yesterday’s meeting:

Fun meeting.

16 people signed up for study buddies.

Last year, we gave gift bags to first-time members. Need a color printer. Possibly Steven will have one.

Next week’s meeting: “Discussions of an ethical slut” with the RCSGD

Be there to help Mira!

Melba will give Evan digital flyer to make FB event

We’ll start at 6:30pm!!!

Western Regional

Can we do an intercampus exchange of money? Steven will check

Payment deadline is Feb 15th

We’ll need someone’s credit card for a deposit! We might make people pay the “security deposit” themselves.

More spots might be available. Melba is waiting for response.

$93.49 per room (2 queen beds); Total: $1,869; Address: 126 Plymouth Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060. Check to: best Western Santa Cruz Inn

DigiKnow needs to be made, Evan.

App Deadline extended to Friday 25th

FT event

Steven is still working out details.

Goal date: Jan 29th

Big Queer/Little Queer


Feb 7th? 6 to 7

Drag Show

Nick and Steven went to Program Board and received full help

Biko Party

Biko will update us

Screen fixed by before next Tues!!!

Sexual Health Meeting: LGBTQ health and safe sex workshop

Feb 5th

Need witty title, Evan.

Officer Photoshoot

This Monday January 21st.

Sally will take pics @ 3pm

Officer IV Social

Thursday Jan 31st after Drag Show

Location at Morgans


QSU Officer Meeting Feb 6, 2013


Need to reimbursed:

$10 to Evan for digiknows. $2 for the screen. $15 for gas. $4.30 for ice

$4 for Ryan

Morgan for 2 parking passes


Great Show! Props to Nick!!! Make it a yearly tradition!!!

We made at least $1200. Steven find out ASAP how to get our profits

Yesterday’s Meeting

Very informative. It was very lecture.

We should do something more fun because we’ve had a lot of lectures!

Next meeting end before 7:45 and walk over to MCC Theater to attend Sally’s Film Showing about Asian Pacific Islander female-bodied individuals and hair.

NEVERMIND, we are cancelling next week’s meeting in order to have our WRC delegation meeting.  Delegation meeting will be at 7 in the UCEN


They want us to pay through PayPal, but that is too shady. Our A.S. system is way different.

It will take about 5 days for Steven to send the money to UC Santa Cruz. They know we have the money and that our only issue is sending it.  $1,500 aprox.

From drag show: $400 for registration fees;  $250 for hotel; $$$ for advanced gas money.

We have allotted $110 per car for gas.

Check-in is at 3pm. Morgan, call hotel to make sure Melba can check in.

Evan might drop, let us know ASAP.

We come back home Sunday. We leave noon-ish.

Melba, if you need help let us know.  All the info will be finalized by Tuesday.

We are cosponsoring the original plumbing event.

Monday Feb 25th  in MCC Theater

Workshop at 4

Performance at 5

Cosponsor International Film Festival

Tuesday Feb 26th

Showing of Ma Vie en Rose

Doors open at 6:45pm; Movie starts at 7pm

Events to bring in allies?

We can make allies from other communities.

Ways to be a good ally.

Next Fall.


QSU Officer Meeting 2/20/13

Western Regional

Reimbursing WR Drivers

Put gas receipts in envelope with driver’s name and take to Melba’s box in the RCSGD

We owe hotel $125 for taxes

By the end of the Month!!!

We can wait for OSL requisition form to be approved, but it must be submitted ASAP

Melba has invoice. Melba will fill out form

Steven needs $400 reimbursement for extra hotel rooms

Will be reimbursed with OSL money

Tony purchased pizza with his credit card

Tony is being reimbursed with party money

One person is being reimbursed for food. $10. Melba will ask for receipts

Drag show Profits

Over $1,200 profit

Should be done again in following Winter quarters

People loved it! Compliments from many people

Original Plumbing

Monday at 4pm workshop & 8pm performance in MCC


Performance: Spoken Word, Rap, & Images

RCSGD deposited $250 into QSU’s OSL account and will be taken out through a requisition form

Everything is good to go.

Publicize to your friends!

FUQIT Scavenger Hunt/Big Queer, Little Queer Co-sponsorship

Steven is talking with Marlene

Ally Awards

Tomorrow! 5:30pm in SRB MPR

QSU invited Hermanas Unidas

Say you’re there with HAU and QSU

Film Screening next Tues in MCC

Door open at 6:45, Movie starts at 7pm;

Discussion at the end

We are all here to support and love Morgan.

Whatever you need, we are here for you!


QSU Officer Meeting 2/27/13

Original Plumbing

Sit down and talk. Didn’t feel like they were throwing info at you

Went Great

Movie Showing

15 people attended

Had popcorn and caprisuns

Small discussion at the end went well

Future AS endorsements

Let’s not call it a Queer endorsement

It will just be a QSU endorsement

Bring it up at the next QLC meeting at the beginning of Spring Quarter

Let’s make sure our endorsements are fully supported by everyone


Queer Leadership Council

Next week’s meeting

Cameron and Steven

Touchy Feely?

Show and Tell meeting with inspirational activity J

Officer Retreat

2nd week of spring quarter

We need to plan 1st meeting of spring quarter during study hours

Officer Bonding


Study Hours

During Week 10

Each do 4 hours

Mon to Thursday

7pm to 12 midnight

Steven will make doodle

Evan will make FB event

Alvaro will reserve RCSGD


QSU Officer Meeting 4/7/13

QSU Officer Meeting

Wednesday at 10PM

QSU Retreat

Thursday 7-9PM

Rainbow House

Spring Insight

Set up 9:30AM

End time: 3PM

First come, first served

Nick will create doodle

Alvaro won’t be here

Super Sober Weekend

QSU Co-sponsors!

Rocky Horror Picture Show Saturday the 13th

Start: 9pm

Set up: 8pm

PRIDE: April 29 to May 3

We do Queer Wedding (12pm Fri of the Week) & BFSJ

Most of work for wedding is the day of

This Week’s QSU Meeting

Play game

Have people write on a sheet of paper

Too much educational meetings last quarter = BORING

Have people read the suggestions from a fish bowl

Divestment Endorsement

QSU Supports

AS Elections Endorsements

It will be a QSU Endorsement, not a QUEER Endorsement

Tim will be in charge! Send applications, call


QSU Officer Meeting 5/1/13


Debrief This Week’s Meeting

Small group. Activity went well.

Next week’s Meeting

Emily from Wom’s Center will have a

Officers will talk about their experience with QSU. Encourage people to apply for officer positions!

No leadership experience necessary

As long as you have passionate and drive J

Talking About Transition Meeting Next Week!


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