How to Guide

How To Guide

Because I archived all of the QSU events and officer meeting minutes at the end of the quarter, I had to search through many files. I suggest that in the future people archive everything as they go along the way.

Transition Binder

  • Go through every Facebook event created for QSU
    • Copy and paste every event description into a word document
    • Find all of the QSU officer meeting minutes
      • Copy and paste into one big document
      • Read through QSU Info packet
        • Update any changes and add any missing resources
        • Search Gmail account for applications and forms
          • Print all forms used during the year
          • Go through orgsync account
            • Collect constitution
            • Collect officer position descriptions
            • Buy binder, sheet protectors
              • Print all resources
              • Put it all together

Transition Meetings

Co-chair meeting

  • Prepare a list of events that were done throughout the year
  • Share tips and resources
  • Reassure co-chairs that they can do this

All Officer Meeting

  • Once new officers have been selected add them to officer Facebook group
    • Set up doodle to find a time that works best for all officers, new and old
    • During Meeting
      • Have old officers share experiences and tips with new officers
      • Have new officers share hopes for QSU
      • New Co-chairs take over
        • Discuss and delegate tasks for end of the year events


  • Look through pictures on Facebook of QSU events
  • Choose a few pictures per event
  • Buy supplies for scrapbook
  • Print pictures
  • Put scrapbook together

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