QSU Officer Positions

Queer Student Union Executive Board 2012 to 2013

The Queer Student Union will consist of 11 members divided into the following categories:

Two (2) Co-Chairs

One (1) Treasurer

Two (1) Publicity Coordinators

One (1) Media Coordinator

One (1) Queerstory Coordinator

One (1) Social Justice Coordinator

One (1) Community Coordinator

One (1) Transfer Liaison (elected Fall Quarter)

Two (2) First Year Liaisons (elected Fall Quarter)

The executive board will meet at least once a week in order to plan the weekly QSU meetings, work on upcoming events, and debrief on past events.  Every week, two different officers will facilitate the general meeting by: introducing the announcements, facilitating an opening activity, and leading on to a main activity (i.e. workshops, outside speakers, educational games, etc) that supports the group’s overall mission and encourages community development within the members.  All executive officers will be responsible of a minimum of two projects during the time they hold their position and will participate in the planning of major QSU events and services.  The executive board will work together as a team of equals focused on supporting each other and the organization personally, professionally, and academically in a positive manner. The board members will serve as positive role models for those in and those emerging into the community.

Some of the events traditionally organized by QSU include: Queerapalooza, Shout it out Bingo, Queer’s Harvest, Fall Quarter Formal Dance, Western Regional Delegation, and Queer Wedding.  Specific duties for each executive officer are as follows:



The co-chairs are responsible of making the organization runs smoothly and of promoting an overall cohesive board, with a strong focus on team and community development.  They are in charge of creating the agenda for the weekly officer meetings and will alternate between facilitating these meetings and taking notes at them. They will keep themselves informed with all updates, oversee any projects that are being worked on, create and oversee subcommittees (i.e. social events, fundraisers, welcoming, western regional, etc.) within the officers, and create reminders to ensure that he board is fulfilling their duties and that everything else is being kept up.  They will also be in charge of public affairs to ensure that QSU is represented well.


The treasurertres will keep tabs on budget making.  They will keep an ongoing documentation of spending and account balance that can be presented to the board once a month. They must familiarize themselves with A.S. and O.S.L. funding policy, attend the Finance Board workshop, and assign authorized signers for the rest of the year.  They will be responsible of approving budgets and requisitions forms to ensure they are completed in the best way possible.  They will attend A.S. Queer Commission’s weekly meetings to remain informed about how money is being handled in the community.  Treasurer will also be head the fundraising subcommittee to ensure that QSU has funding to organize events.


Publicity Coordinator:

The publicity coordinator will work on getting the name out there.  They will be in charge of making the flier with the group’s information, fliers for events at least 2 weeks prior to the event, and creating tabling schedules and activities that will attract new members. The publicity coordinator will keep themselves aware of any tabling opportunities to ensure that there is QSU representation around campus.




Media Coordinator:


The media coordinator will be in charge of web related publicity and information, including the website.  They will work closely with the publicity coordinator to create Facebook events, keep the website updated, and create an ongoing list-serve of members and supporters.  They will use the listserv to send out email updates and contact our members.


The Queerstoiran Coordinator:

The queerstoiran will be in charge of documentation of Queer events, general meetings, officer meetings, and other Queer Student Union data.  The queerstorian will compile a binder throughout the year that will be passed on to the next year’s officers; the binder will include documentation of all our events, planning process, flyers, meetings, minutes, and other QSU info.  They will create informational flyers to educate people about QSU.  They will ensure that photo documentation of our events is available to post on Facebook, our website, and other possible places.


Social Justice Coordinator:

The social justice coordinator will be in charge of the political climate and raising awareness about social justice issues to the community.  They will do so by utilizing media outlets to present information and educate the community.  They will call on rallies and protests when necessary, and will maintained informed about national, state, and county elections., as well as campus politics that may affect the queer community.  They will also have endorsements for said elections in order to keep the organization informed about the political environment as it affects the queer community.

commCommunity Coordinator:

The community coordinator will work to build community by being in charge of Big Queer Little Queer, offering community service opportunities and events to our members, and organizing study hours. They will keep log of member community service, tabling, and study hours. They will ensure that other officers attend other Queer organizations to demonstrate solidarity and keep connected with each other.  They will head a welcoming committee to make new members feel comfortable with our community.  They will work around UCSB Associated Student Elections and have an endorsement process to make sure there is queer representation in A.S.

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