How To Create a Radio Show on KJUC

How to Create a Radio Show on KJUC

Creating a radio show for the on-campus radio station is an effective way to raise awareness about reproductive justice issues and to instigate conversation among the campus community. It is also a good way to develop communication skills while at the same time highlighting reproductive justice activism on campus.


 (To begin the first week of the quarter)

–          Attend an informational meeting hosted by KCSB/KJUC for those interested in having a radio show

  • Take note of the requirements needed to get on the station
  • Sign-up for technical training
  • Obtain a project/show proposal form and KJUC application

–          Submit a radio show proposal

  • What will be the title of the show? Things to consider: How can this title convey the subject matter of the show? Will it invite listeners to tune in? Is it memorable?
    • Brainstorm names with fellow activists, friends
      • Answer the following questions in your proposal (see attached example):
  1. Describe your program. What sort of content would a listener hear?
  2. How is your program alternative?
  3. Do you have any experience in radio programming?
  4. When are you not available to host a program? (This requires knowing your co-host’s schedule so you can find a time that works for the both of you. Then proceed to fill out a provided time grid)
  5. Would you be willing to complete eight hours of volunteer work at the station as part of your training?
  6. How did you find out about the KJUC/KCSB orientation?
  7. Anything else you would like to add about yourself/yourselves?
  • Be sure to describe your proposed show in a manner that effectively conveys what issues you will discuss and what is the purpose behind creating a reproductive justice radio show. The more effective you are, the higher the chances that your proposal will be chosen to be created into a show

–          Attend KJUC Programming Training

  • This training session, which takes place at the KJUC/KCSB station, will familiarize you with the programming equipment. A member of the staff will give you a tour of the station and teach you how to operate the equipment, this includes learning how to play records, change the volume of the microphones, go on and off the air, as well as how to record your shows.
  • Remember that attending a training session is mandatory for all the hosts, and that it is required for your proposal to be considered
  • If your proposal is chosen, you will continue training throughout the quarter in order to learn how to record PSA’s and do other things that are helpful for your show

(Once your proposal is chosen, by the second week)

–          Create a list of topics that will be discussed each week and create a show outline

  • Choosing the topics you will discuss in advance will help you create outlines for your show and give you time to contact possible guests. In your show outline for each week, include the following:
    • Topic for the week (i.e. Crisis Pregnancy Centers)
    • Introducing the topic: history of the issue/term/movement being discussed; define any terms you will be using throughout that listeners may not know about (i.e. what is a Crisis Pregnancy Center)
    • Key ideas that will be discussed; in what order?
    • Important talking points
    • Any announcements that you will make; upcoming events, invite listeners to your meetings, upcoming topics on the show and guests, etc.

–          Contact possible guests

  • E-mail them in advance; sample e-mail:

Hello (name of guest),

We are students in Carly Thomsen’s Activisms course, and as part of our course project, we are doing a reproductive justice radio show on the on-campus radio station, KJUC. Each week we are trying to cover different topics, and knowing about your research/expertise on (specify topic); we truly would love to have you come on our show as a guest. We have our radio shows Fridays from 8-930 am at KCSB. We know this time might not be convenient for you, but let us know and we can possibly do an interview with you prior and share it on the show. I hope you are doing well, and hope that it is possible for you to be a guest on our show. Also, please let us know if this is possible which Friday this quarter is best for you!

Best, (your name)

–          Create a podcast for the show; recording your shows and turning them into podcasts is a great way for your radio show to reach a larger audience outside of the campus community.

  • In order to create podcast for the show, you need to know how to record your shows; you will learn how to do this during your training at the station
  • Once you have a CD with your show recorded on it, copy and save the audio file to your computer
  • Create an account on, this website offers two free hours of “space” and is easy to use
  • Once you create an account, write your title page (The Reproductive Justice Power Hour) and a description of what types of podcasts you will host on your page; be sure to click “Save”
  • On your home page, click on “Upload”
  • Go to “Choose Files” and select the audio file saved on your computer
  • While your file is being uploaded, give it a title, it can be the topic covered that day (CPC’s) and add a description of what was discussed that day
  • Once the file is finished being uploaded, click “Save”
  • After clicking “Save”, you will be directed to the page where your podcast is located; copy the link at the top and share it on your website and other social networks


–          Advertise your show

  • In order to increase your listening audience, it would be helpful to let potential listeners know about your show through different ways. These include:
    • Creating a Facebook page: let listeners know the day and time of your show and the topics you will be discussing; also, this is a great place to share your podcasts
    • E-mail: Send e-mails to classmates, friends and professors and ask them to share the link to your Facebook page and podcasts with others
    • Flyers: Create flyers for your show; include a picture that represents the show or that shows you and your co-host. Include the time and day of your show as well as links to your podcast page and Facebook page

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