Radio Show Topics

Reproductive Justice vs. Reproductive Rights

Date: April 19th, 2013


Description: In this show, we discussed the differences between the reproductive justice and the reproductive rights movements, what each has to offer, limitations, as well as what issues each movement addresses. In this show, we also introduced our activist project, as well as our group, End Fake Clinics.

Critique of Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Frameworks


Date: April 26th, 2013

Guest: Carly Thomsen, PhD Candidate in Feminist Studies


Description: In this show, we, along with our guest, led a discussion which critiqued the pro-choice and pro-life abortion frameworks. We also discussed possibilities for a more effective way of framing abortion that is not stigmatizing.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers and End Fake Clinics


Date: May 3rd, 2013


Description: This week, we discussed what crisis pregnancy centers are, the danger that they pose to women, the lies they tell and how we, as End Fake Clinics, have worked to reduce their presence and influence on our campus and community.

Reproductive Profiling and the Prison Industrial Complex


Date: May 10th, 2013


Description: In this show, we reflected on a talk given earlier that week by Priscilla Ocen, a professor of law at Loyola Law School. We discussed the injustices that women in prison face, in particular, the shackling of women during childbirth. Further, we discussed the larger implications of the prison industrial complex on low-income and communities of color.

Sex Work as Labor


Date: May 17th, 2013

Guest: Heather Berg, PhD Candidate in Feminist Studies


Description: In this show, we interviewed our guest about their research regarding sex work and their approach to analyzing it. In particular, we discussed how sex work is labor, the current policies such AB 332 (the mandatory condom law) that seek to regulate the sex work industry, and possibilities for sex work being recognized as labor.

The Medicalization of Childbirth and Alternative Ways of Birthing


Date: May 24th, 2013


Description: In this show, we continued the discussion of our group, End Fake Clinic’s recent film screening of the documentary “The Business of Being Born”. We further critiqued the medicalization of childbirth; as well as celebrated alternative ways of child bearing and rearing, while acknowledging the social stratification of childbirth options such as home-birth.

Queering Reproductive Justice


Date: May 31st, 2013

Guest: R Lin and Olivia Miller, creators of “Queering Reproductive Justice” zine

photo (3)


Description: This week, we led a discussion with our guests on what it means to queer reproductive justice; we also talked about the production of their zine, what topics were “queered” and discussed the possibility of additional topics for the zine. Lastly, we talked about how our listeners can use queer ideologies in their activism and everyday lives.

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