A How to Guide

–       Step 1 – Meet with Dr. F

  • Gather information about where students seeking abortions are referred
  • Determine number of students referred to outside clinics for abortions per year
  • Discuss possibility of our project (program in which student volunteers provide transportation to outside clinics for those who are referred to them, and who wish to use this service)

–       Step 2 – Calculate fuel costs to outside clinics

  • Using the MapQuest estimated fuel cost feature, determine the approximate cost per trip to outside clinics (in Bakersfield, Los Angeles, and the Planned Parenthood in Santa Barbara) from UCSB
  • Given the approximate number of students traveling to these clinics per year and the approximate fuel costs, calculate the estimated cost per year to establish student volunteer transportation program

–       Step 3 – Obtain funding

  • Download funding request worksheet from Womyn’s Commission website
  • Fill out and submit funding request
  • E-mail Womyn’s Commission to be added to their meeting agenda
  • Go to meeting to present project and funding request
  • Note: At the meeting, Womyn’s Commission informed us that they cannot fund transportation costs.  They advised us to request an exemption from AS Finance Board, and then re-submit our funding request with the exemption to Womyn’s Commission.  Finance Board had already finished meeting for the year when we learned that we need to request an exemption, so we will do so next quarter.

–       Step 4 – Develop volunteer application, confidentiality agreement, and sensitivity training

  • Brainstorm volunteer application/interview questions (motivation for participating, other activities they are involved in, experience and/or personal qualities they would bring, views on abortion, etc.)
  • Brainstorm topics/ideas to cover in sensitivity training for volunteers (discussion of reproductive justice, de-stigmatizing abortion, guidelines for interacting with patients, etc.)
  • Create application
  • Create PowerPoint for training sessions
  • Go to the AS Legal Center for help in writing a confidentiality agreement for volunteers to sign in order to protect privacy of patients

–       Step 5 – Follow-up meeting with Dr. F (planned for Fall 2013)

  • Review progress (funding, etc.)
  • Discuss volunteer application/interview process, confidentiality agreement, and sensitivity training
  • Discuss process of Student Health referring patients to the volunteer transportation service

–       Step 6 – Find volunteers (planned for Fall 2013)

  • Distribute information about program and opportunity to volunteer through Feminist Studies listserv, Women’s Center, etc.
  • Review applications
  • Schedule and complete interviews
  • Begin training sessions

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