From the start, our vision for EFC Rides was supported, encouraged, and improved upon by advisors, a doctor on campus, professors, and other students and student groups. Unfortunately, logistical issues kept us from completing all that we hoped to this quarter.

With health insurance changes underway at Student Health, directors and staff were unresponsive, and we were unable to meet with medical professionals to discuss volunteer trainings. As activists, we understand that goals and outcomes are always changing, so while it was a minor set back, we focused on volunteer training content, applications, and media instead.

Another road block was getting funded. We had hoped it would not be an issue since members of organizations and commissions at UCSB seemed supportive and interested. Funds for both Womyn’s Commission and Queer Commission, however, cannot be distributed for transportation purposes. Because we are nearing the end of the year, Associated Students Finance Board and all Commissions have finished meeting and are transitioning roles and leadership, so we are unable to secure funding at this time. At the beginning of Fall 2013, we will present to A.S. Finance Board and ask for an exception so that funds from Womyn’s Commission and QComm may be allocated for EFC rides.

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